Obama Was Member of Socialist Party?


via Politically Drunk and American Thinker, web archives of the “New Party” website show that Barack Obama was a member of the group, which was founded in Chicago by the Democratic Socialists of America.

Matthew Weaver (via Jawa Report) has more at No Quarter.

Perhaps now we know why Barack Obama didn’t care to put the true details of his “community organizing” background, or his years in New York, on his resume…

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit points out that Obama’s Socialist Party membership comes as little surprise.  Obama noted that he attended Socialist Party meetings in college, and ran with friends in Marxist circles.  

A commenter there also notes that Obama’s former pastor, the conroversial Rev. Wright, preached “Black Liberation Theology” which is a Marxist interpretation of the Bible.

UPDATE: HotAir.com has more analysis on this as well.


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