AP Reporter in the Tank for Obama?

Beth Fouhy, AP Reporter

Beth Fouhy, AP Reporter

Alright folks, if you’re as fed up as we are with biased reporters in the tank for Obama, this post is for you.  It is long past time to call out the numerous reporters working towards an Obama victory, wheher stealthily, or otherwise.

Let’s start with Beth Fouhy, a former executive producer at CNN, and reporter once assigned to Hillary Clinton, of all candidates!

First, read the latest AP article that shares her byline, “McCain Booed After Trying to Calm Anti-Obama Crowd.”  Second, read this article that we told you about last week that was chalk full of the reporter’s own opinions.

In an interview from 2006, Ms. Fouhy had this to say about how she covers politics:

The best I can do is to stay very clear and focused in my stories, always make the extra phone call, do my research, and resist any temptation to be lazy or cut corners. If I accomplish all that and turn out a fair and credible news story, I feel like I don’t have to worry when the e-mails start rolling in. 

If, after reading this article, you think this reporter has violated her own ethical standards (let alone the SPJ’s code of ethics), and is simply just in the tank for Obama, by all means feel free to contact her by email: bfouhy@ap.org.

And, if after sending her an email, you feel like following up with her editors in San Francisco, just dial: (415) 495-1708.  Hint: avoid vitriol and profanity.

UPDATE: a loyal reader points out Ms. Fouhy may now be responsible to a different AP desk.  if you get that phone number, pass it along!


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