Obama’s Statement on the Black Church


According to the East St. Louis Action Research Project of University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Barack Obama stated,

“Black church is a slumbering giant on political and economical landscape of a city, possessing tremendous financial resources, membership, and, most importantly values and biblical traditions that call for empowerment and liberation.”

This quote is within an article that describes community organizing,

“Alinsky is said to be the godfather of community organizing as well as the founder of the Political Activist Approach. The Alinsky model of community organizing is based on the continuation of tradition – a democratically run church based community. The major strategies are local leadership, confrontational tactics, personalizing the issue.”

This returns focus to Senator Obama’s involvement in Trinity Church and his connection with Reverend Wright. Senator Obama has never answered what his beliefs are in Black Liberation Theology. If he feels that the black church is a political institution, then he needs to answer what role the ‘black church’ and ‘black liberation theology’ will play in an Obama administration.
In case the University of Illinois link is removed, here are the screen shots of the article in question. Click for larger view…

Obama’s Statement on the Black Church


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2 Responses to “Obama’s Statement on the Black Church”

  1. Bob J Says:

    Good article, some interesting views may have affect on the election.

  2. s. Says:

    Wow, the more I read about his belifs the more I fear the direction this nation is heading. It dosent matter what color you are, or who you worship. All that matters is that your a good person, and if you are trying to be president you better be a good person who sees past color and has the best intentions for the nation not a single race.

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