Howard Stern: Harlem Voters


Howard Stern sends a correspondent out to talk to Harlem voters about Obama.  The only twist?  The correspondent intentionally attributes McCain’s positions to Obama, even saying “Do you support Obama’s choice of Sarah Palin to be his VP?”  Incredibly, it didn’t seem to phase these voters in their support of Obama:


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93 Responses to “Howard Stern: Harlem Voters”

  1. Linda - Nickers and Ink Says:

    That’s a scary commentary on the awareness level of the American public.

    The following might be of interest.


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  2. Smokey Behr Says:

    This goes to show you that people “of color” are voting for Obama specifically because he’s not white. They’re uneducated on the issues and have been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    It’s another example why the Black Culture is a culture of failure and victimization. They will never think of themselves as equal until they quit listening to the Poverty Pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, ignore everyone around them telling them that they can’t succeed, and fight the stereotypes.

  3. marie Says:

    How could people be so ignorant… and be allowed to vote. They don’t deserve to vote, for crying out loud. They are voting without knowing what the candidate for President stands for, or even considering if he is good to lead our country… the only think they care about is the color of his skin ? The person elected will run our country for the next 4 years, I’m appalled, scarred that if these are the people trying to put Obama in office, then Obama should not be President.

  4. Vickie Pool Says:

    I totally agree with Smokey Behr….reverse descrimination—100%. They are completely uneducated people kneejerking their votes to Obama solely b/c he’s a black man…..heck! They don’t even CARE that a white man is on his ticket

  5. tmaster Says:

    Typical 30% of all democrat voters are just dead head democrats it doesnt matter who is running. We saw the same thing with Clinton no matter what he did it was ok.

  6. Geronimo Says:

    This is why we are screwed. The majority of the American public are morons and thus, should not be allowed to vote. You want to vote? Go to school and learn something.

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  8. Nola Says:

    Reminds me of those McCain voters who “cain’t vote for no black man”, and “cain’t vote for no Muslim”, and “cain’t vote for nobody named Hussein”. Ignorance knows no racial bounds. One would hope that the focus in a campaign would be on the issues, rather than personalities or skin color or ignorance of individual voters. Remember that half of the US population is below average…

  9. Mr. R Says:

    Obama isn’t going to turn the country into a Socialist republic in one term, no matter how bad people want him to. It is going to take 2 terms for that. He may cause a lot of people to lose their jobs (especially if they work for a company that makes more than $250,000…. think MAJOR CITIES) but he will by no means destroy this great country.

    I just hope the “achievements” of his first term are given credit where credit is due if he does win.

  10. digweed Says:

    “This goes to show you that people “of color” are voting for Obama specifically because he’s not white. They’re uneducated on the issues and have been brainwashed by the mainstream media.”

    Oh, and there are absolutely zero people voting against Obama specifically because he’s not white? Stern quoted TWO people. There are at least two ignorant Mccain supporters out there.

  11. JoeButtcrack Says:

    In the end, who gives a damn? They’ll push the Obama button on Nov 4th, and that’s all we need.
    Hey, Repubes, will you have some chilled Chianti with that heart of yours? Cuz you’re going to be eating it out on Nov 5.

  12. Burn the Stern Says:

    This is just the flipside of whites who vote fo mccain. I could do the same story wih whites. No big deal – you have ignorant people all over the world just like howard stern!

  13. mosan Says:

    Hey! Joebutcrack.

    If you are old enough to remember Jimmy Carter’s Presidency, you might not vote for Obama and if you are not old enough, two years into an Obama Presidency, it will be so bad that you will be denying you ever voted for him. Just like in 1978 when you could not find a person that voted for Carter!!

  14. Sam Says:

    I do think there is some truth to that. It is unfortunate. It is also unfortunate that many people won’t vote for Obama because he is Black. Racism goes both ways.

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  16. brian Says:

    “racism goes both ways”

    That’s exactly the point….But I’m yet to hear of a white person rewarded millions because a black person discriminated against him…..A lot of black people hang their hats racism, or the fact that their great great grand-pa was a slave(see affirmative action).

  17. Sam Says:

    This is just a stupid, racist interview. Do you doubt for a moment that I couldn’t find stupid whites or Jews if I went out and searched for them? All this shows is how dishonest Stern and his worshipers are and how willing they are to attribute stupid remarks to a whole race. No wonder so many of them are McCain supporters

  18. B F Says:

    If Obama wins… My life four years from now:

    The company I own now, will be out of business. To bad, because it was my dream and I love doing it.

    I will be working for a good company, but hating work every day.

    Thank You Obama, you give me no insentive to want to suceed.

  19. Ray Says:

    I am almost ashamed to admit that a few years back I voted under the Democrat Party. This party has become the shelter of the “half-trues” every since Bill Clinton got into the White House. It uses the minorities as cattle to move opinions. I can tell you first hand because I belong to a minority group and I feel that sector is the most susceptible to get tricked by the democrat leadership. But what is worst is to hear what it could be considered a smart group of african-americans having a strong opinion that is totally wrong on some of the most fundamental campaign issues. It’s simply a shame and this audio clip from Howard Stern’s show is the best living example.

  20. BF Skinner Says:

    B F —

    #1 Quit using my name.

    #2 You (and your company) might be more successful if you learn to spell.

    #3 In 4 years, write back and let us know if your company really does go under because of a Barack Presidency. It likely won’t — unless you let it.


  21. A.T. Says:

    Everyone in this Country needs to be involved in voting in this election and needs to understand exactly what they are voting for. Although, when homeless people and people without T.V. access or money for a newspaper are approached on the streets, signed up to vote and pulled right in to vote you are going to accrue uneducated voting. What I do not understand is people are voting for race when actually Obama doesn’t have much more African heritage than McCain. If you want to vote for Heritage then you will receive a Muslim for President just like the warriors on 911. Race is not the issue to worry about! Maybe if Mccain dyed his hair black and got an awesome spray-on tan he would do better!

  22. Jason Says:

    True racsim goes both ways. I know black voting for Obama because he’s black. I know whites voting for McCain because Obama is black.

    The sad and frustrating part is that the black minority are the only ones who are allowed to get away with it by the left loving media. We all know that if McCain had a pastor for 20 years who uttered even the slightest remark against another race , he would be called to step down as Senator by Harry Reid, protestors would march outside of his home and office, and the Billy Ayers and his buddies would probably even try to attack his properties. The liberal media would condone all of this and America would be appalled.

    Why is it that we do not hold the same standards of etiquiette for BOTH parties?

    We live in a country with a growing percentage of uneducated voters. These voters get their information from what they see on TV and draw their decisions based on what they hear. They do not go out and try to find out information on their own. This goes for liberals and conservatives alike.

    I for one think that politicians need to be held criminally accountable for the things they say to the American public. If they run for election saying that they are undoubtedly going to lower taxes, don’t vote to raise them when you get in office (Bill Clinton).

    Get out and vote. Know why you are voting for who choose. Stand by that person once you realize you made the wrong choice.

  23. Nate Grey Says:

    This does display a high level of ignorance, however no more ignorance than those interviewed who claim that Obama is a muslim (as if there is a problem with all muslims) despite all evidence to the contrary. Ignorance comes in all colors.

  24. davidsiudmak Says:

    I think this has become the catalyst to make people realize how important it is to know all of the facts about the candidate we’re electing. I did find the Howard Stern bit hilarious, but digweed has a good point that if you can find just as many ignorant McCain supporters. Rather than bashing Howard Stern or the political parties involved in this, take a step back and see this as inward reflection about how you feel about the presidential candidates and who you truly align yourself with on values and morality, not mindless diatribes of bigotry and hate. Put the race issue aside and look at the substance of the two candidates.

  25. Howard Says:

    Obama has been relentless in seducing America’s youth, and controlling the media. What’s next? … teaching our children to turn their parents in to the Gestapo? These tactics have been used before … and, they’re right out of the Nazi and Islamic/madrassa play books. Wake up America … the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  26. Jeff Says:

    It’s ridiculous but you could just as easily find McCain supporters to say they are in favour of Obama’s policy. And especially when they’re being interviewed, people don’t expect to get blindsided like that, which is why you see all those supposedly idiotic people that Jay Leno finds on Jaywalking segments.

    A.T.: Did you just call Obama a Muslim and equate that to the people from 9/11?? Where do people keep getting this Muslim nonsense? Obama’s a Christian through and through and there is absolutely nothing Muslim about him. He’s never been a part of Islam.

    Howard: Did you just equate Obama to Hitler?

    Wow, the lengths some people will go.

  27. Jason Says:

    Before you say that he has NEVER been a part of Islam, check your story. Obama has, on many occasions, talked about studying the Koran as a child living over seas and being mesmerized by how beutiful it was to hear it read in Islamic. Whether or not he is a current practicing Muslim is anyone’s guess. On the outside I would say that he is not. His is however, without a doubt, associated with some of the most radical Americans of our time. That is a fact that cannot be denied in any way.

  28. A.T. Says:

    Let me clarify my previous statement. I as a Christian will not accuse all Muslims or equate 911 to all of the Muslim faith. However, when long time Christian missionaries in Africa are forewarning Christians in America that there is proof that some of the most dangerous Muslim Terrorist is Africa are supporting Obama’s campaign in large sums, that does raise a little doubt in my mind on many different levels. Many things have been proven and let be known but as in any election there are always issues that are never discussed. That is when we all have to listen and be educated with the facts and use our own gut instincts to make the best choice we as individuals see fit. There is alway controvery over all issues and this is what makes the world go round. Being a U.S. citizen allows us to agree to disagree and this is what this page is all about. Sorry to offend anyone but my gut instincts still remain.

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  30. andrea Says:

    You know, this is silly. Mainly because you’re saying that only black voters are uninformed. Ask people of all ages, races, backgrounds, sexes etc. and I bet you in a lot of cases you’ll get the same response. You can’t blame black people for liking Obama. This is the FIRST time, we’ve been able to look at a president who has good qualities OUTSIDE of race that we feel actually represents us. If it’s JUST about race then why didn’t ALL black people have the same fervor over Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Shirley Chisolm, etc?

    This is less about race and more about the American public being grossly uninformed. I’m just as annoyed about a black Obama supporter who votes for him JUST because he’s black as I am about a woman who votes for McCain JUST because he could have the first woman as a Vice President.

    This whole thing is ridiculous. And this is supposed to be American? Seriously?

  31. Joseph Says:

    If we don’t wake up and realize whats going on, we as an American nation will be at war with each other. There will be no winners. Nobody will know who to fight for, so we end up fighting ourselves. We need as Americans to stand up and fight for the rights that the Constitution gave us. The 1st three words of the Preamble states exactly what this country is “We the people”[black, white, brown, green, or purple], not “We the government”. We need to give power back to the people, not to a government who wants us to work harder so they can pad there pockets. Just ask Mexico or any other 3rd world nation. All I ask is for people to listen to what Barack is saying. It doesn’t sound very American, and it doesn’t sound like he is trying to give power back to the people. You are either crazy or stupid to give power to a man who has no executive experience in running a company and ties to an anarchist. I’m not saying McCain has experience to run this country but he’s better than the Great Deceiver.

  32. David Says:

    Let’s face it…neither of these two candidates are wonderful choices, but the facts are:

    1) Obama has the MOST leftist voting record in any US Senator’s HISTORY

    2) He WAS educated in an ISLAMIC school

    3) He HAS received MASSIVE amoutns of money from interests in the middle east, and most donating are Islamic Jihadists.

    4) He ONLY speaks WELL when READING from a teleprompter.

    5) He’s already PROVEN that he is irresponsible with his statements,a nd would get us in SERIOUS trouble on the wrold front, as soon as the teleprompter isn’t there to tell him what to say!
    (a PIG IN LIPSTICK? Funny maybe, but not Presidential in ANY way!)

    5) Obama has already dumped over HALF A BILLION dollars into a campaign for a $400,000.00 job….THAT ALONE should ALARM ALL Americans and of all the people in the WORLD, right now….shouldn’t Americans REALIZE that SOMEONE has to PAY BACK that half a BILLION< and it’s going ot be AMERICAN TAXPAYERS…and it’s going ot be in the form of FAVORS to people who backed him at UNPRECEDENTEDLY HIGH COSTS and STAKES…..some of which are people who HATE our country..George Soros…Islamic Jihadists, etc..

    WAKE UP PEOPLE…it doesn’t matter what color he is…it matters that he’s ALREADY SOLD US OUT…and WHO he sold us to!!!!

  33. Pamela Says:

    I am NOT a Howard Stern fan….actually, I am surprised that he did these interviews. I am not surprised by the responses of the people interviewed. The media, and Obama’s ads actually make Obama sound good. The problem is, he has not given one straight answer to how he plans to fix any of the problems. Nobody seems to care!! He has hiden who he really is, and what he stands for. How can the people of our nation be so gullible? Our nation is at a point where they will sell their souls to have somebody come in and “fix” their problems. How sad for our people…of every color.

  34. doubter Says:

    If you dig a little deeper, he also interviewd one Harlem resident that was for McCain and attributed Obama’s policies to McCain. The guy still didn’t know who McCain’s running mate is. He was asked if he was OK with Biden for VP if McCain won and he answered SURE. I am not sure that if you had asked ANY section of voters white or black on the streets of New York (or any other city, not picking on NY.) that would get voters that are any more informed. It is a shame that the immediate future of our country rests with such an uninformed public. And an even worse problem is that they don’t care.

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  36. Frank Says:

    Well, I didn’t read all of the above because I have better things to do with my time. Idiots can be found supporting both candidates (but I think I know who has more…). What we should get out of this is that there should be some sort of basic intelligence test for anyone who votes! We are a society being led by dumb masses!

  37. birdy Says:

    “We all know that if McCain had a pastor for 20 years who uttered even the slightest remark against another race, he would be called to step down as Senator.”

    Sarah Palin absolutely does have a pastor who made anti-semitic statements and she did get a pass by the media. She’s also had a “pastor” bless her that led witch hunts in his own country ending in the tragic deaths of innocent people. She still speaks highly of him.

    Sarah Palin absolutely does have a husband who was a card carrying member of a secessionist party for a number of years AND she did absolutely consort with these folks as mayor and governor. She is well aware of the leaders anti-American views and that he died in a plastics explosive sale gone bad and she still chooses to associate with them even saying, “keep up the good work.” The mainstream hasn’t picked up on this to question her patriotism and neither has the Obama camp. We don’t care.

    John McCain has a list of unsavory ties that run longer than my arm including Gordon Liddy. If we want to play the guilt by association game, then we’ve lost sight of real issues. If we wanted to be crazy, Obama would question Cindy’s past as a thief who stole from her own charity to feed her drug habit. Heck.. we could point to John McCain being a philandering jerk back in his days paying plenty of visits to the whorehouses but eventually divorcing his ill wife for the rich, politically connected Cindy who is 18 years his junior.

    Obama would NEVER get away with any of that stuff this day and age but McCain has gotten a big ol’ pass on all of those things.

    The American people don’t blame McCain or Obama for others misdeeds. And that is why you don’t hear slime coming from Obama and Biden about John McCain and Sarah Palin… they know it doesn’t work. It’s not working… they’re losing because of it.

    Facts are the folks in Appalachia that are voting for John McCain are just as ignorant. If we want to get crazy, we could point to the literacy and college graduation rates of blue states vs. red to prove that red states are less educated. Doesn’t that sound stupid?

    But I’ve seen all these arguments again and again. It’s ridiculous.

  38. birdy Says:

    I absolutely do hate the double standard on racist remarks where a white person dare say anything to offend blacks but a black comedian can get on stage and make fun of white people all day.

    But please, don’t act like life is a level playing ground. I am white with a black older brother and sister. Without a doubt, we are absolutely treated differently.

    And didn’t you see how women were so excited for Hillary’s run toward the white house? Because.. all this time we’ve grown up in America being told that we are equal and if anyone puts their mind to it, they can become president.

    But what we’ve seen is that is absolutely untrue.

    The IQ of men and women are equal on average. More women graduate from college than men. So why the salary gap? Why are less women in power or elected?

    It’s the same with blacks. They’re told their whole lives they are equal but it’s just lip service. What they’ve felt for most of their lives is that they’re not really wanted in this country. Obama’s nomination to the presidency makes them feel, for the first time, that they truly are apart of the American culture as equals; that they count too.

    I get it. I was going with Hillary because I believed my country to still be too racist to elect a black man even though many believe he is the better candidate. And when I saw how well Obama was doing, I was proud of my country because she really has come a long way since the days when people called me “n***** lover” for merely having a black older brother and sister.

    Everyone needs to take a moment and walk a mile in others shoes.

  39. naomi Says:

    Please, they chose Harlem and who they were talking to for a reason. Head to some redneck town in the deep south and ask questions about McCain and you will recieve the same ignorant answers.

  40. Sharon Says:

    Idiots should not be allowed to vote as allowing them to vote only worsens the condition of our country. What I want to know is how does a man black or white run for president and have committed proven acts of MASSIVE FRAUD! Obama should be indicted for his acts of fraud end of story. How can Americans not see and understand something is seriously wrong when a candidate receives the funding he has received. The funding is more than any president candidate in History. Does that not scare Americans especially when the sources are hidden and lied about!

  41. kac Says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous! How can people be so blinded by the color of skin that they wouldnt even bother geeting to know the person policies? Its scary that there will be so many voters like this going to the polls this year…

  42. Bill Says:

    So much for the “educated” and “informed” voter. Just stick a thought in their head-any thought-and theyll follow like lemmings.

  43. Ha Says:

    It’s interesting to see that this phenomenon happens on both sides of the political spectrum. Retarded rednecks seem to think Obama is a Muslim, and that’s why they aren’t voting for him; they seem to think he hates whites although he’s never said that or actually published anything like that in his books. And on the other side, black voters are voting for the black candidate because he’s black.

    So the whites are voting for the white guy, and the blacks are voting for the black guy. Surprised?

    It’s fun to watch the white people on here who seem to think they themselves are not racist. Ah, the joys of idiocy.

  44. karl hungus Says:

    Everyone’s heard of Larry Flint’s “Nailin’ Palin” porno by now… so where’s the follow-up Larry? When is “Ridin’ Biden” coming out!?

    Here’s one way to weed out the stupid vote. If you don’t pay taxes… you don’t vote. Period. In the words of the great Chris Tucker, “You did not put in on this… maaan!”

  45. Dubbs ya Says:

    this is ridiculous, but…

    what if we happened to have a testing booth JUST to get into the voting facilities. These booths could test people’s competence to even have a vote. I’m not speaking about taking away people’s votes, just about regulating whether or not you can vote for somebody and not know anything about them or what they stand for. I’m sure if we required people to be educated about the candidates before they could vote for them, we wouldn’t see so many angry post election individuals. In fact, we could weed out so many people who know nothing at all about the issues, but have been given chances to learn about them for almost 2 years….

    For example, the booth could ask a few questions that change randomly so the word wouldn’t get out and a bunch of people could cheat.. i.e. push buttons 2, 4, and 6 and you can vote.

    Who is Obama’s running mate? A. Palin B. Biden
    Is Obama pro life or pro choice? A. Pro Life B. Pro Choice
    Does McCain want to end the war? A. Yes B. NO

    If you are too stupid to answer these questions, you shouldn’t have the privilege of voting in this country. Just because you happened to drag yourself to the age of 18 shouldn’t mean you should have the right to vote. PERIOD

  46. DK Says:

    Dubbs ya,

    While it may seem like a good idea on paper, it is actually been done before and ended up being abolished because of what happened. When blacks first got the right to vote, they required a literacy test because illiteracy rate was much higher in the black population. It was an attempt for white racists to block the voting power of blacks. Do this again, and see how much hell is raised.

    While it disgusts me that ignorant people have a vote, stripping them of their voting power is anti-American. On a positive note, stats have always shown us that the uneducated voter turnout has always been substantially lower than the educated. These ‘polls’ that are released don’t mean jack since voter participation is a big determining factor in who wins.

  47. Jordan Says:

    To be honest the same could be said for many white voters who are NOT voting for Obama simply because he IS a black man. It is also too broad a generalization to believe for a second all people of “color” all voting for Obama because he is black. Right or Left, Democratic or Republican, I believe there are a many people voting in this election who should not be simply because they are not at all informed on an issues except shallow ones such as race and general party affiliation.

  48. wow Says:

    ignorance has been shown on both parties behalf. this video shows that yes, there are uneducated and uninformed ppl voting for obama.. well those ppl account for about 1% of the spporters for obama. the others have simply, with education, made their decision for who will better represent and protect them. whites have forgotten or ignored the fact that the majority of black ppl in the united states are of middle or lower class, (not saying that whhites arent included in either), which is who obamas plan will protect. ignorance and racism/stereostypes are sadly a huge part of this dumb video and will be a part in this years election.

    note: my mom is a single african american woman, as of now she is supporting McCAIN.
    so therefore concluding that blacks are uneducated in this years election is far fetched and a lie.
    white power or black should never be a phrase murmmered by anyone. together we stand divided we fall… vote! and stop the ignorance!

  49. wow Says:

    btw Smokey Behr,
    check your facts about the ppl who actually follow jack asses like jesse jackson and al sharpton.

    i dont! everytime something happens they blame it on race or say its a stereotype. african americans like myself see past it. my culture is not a failure, in fact, nice attempt at a fact turned stereotype. ppl like you need to check your facts about things you say about my culture and the election in general. i am far more educated than you would think. but nice try.

  50. Red Sky Says:

    Obama plays the race card very well!The media already declared him the winner,and voters have not gone to the polls yet!This man is not only not qualified to run,he has yet provide a “Birth certificate” that is legal that he was born in Hawaii.Even his own maternal grandmother states he was not born in Hawaii but in Kenya.Wake up America!

  51. sue Says:

    Now come on who are you fooling! Why don’t you put a blindfold on an chose the right canidate. You who find humpr in exploiting woman and treats them as nothing but a piece of meat,of course you believe in pro life. You think women don’t even have a brain. You want to make that chose for them. Also, I quess you believe that American soldiers losing their lives in Iraq just for more OIL is ok.
    So your final venture is to try and make fools of people who could use America’s help. I quess you feel our money is best spent on these foriegn nations who hate our government.
    You have just proven to the world that you are the fool.
    You are a pig Howard Stern.
    Barack Obama for President

  52. Dannie Says:

    This is a one sided analysis. What you need to do now Howard is go out into the white community (say rural west virigina) and do a similar poll on white voters. See how much they know about John McCain., see what they have heard about Obama. You will see ignorance knows no bounds. Why wouldn’t blacks feel comfortable with a black candidate. It’s very clear to me most (not all) republicans feel more comfortable with a white president. And look where that has gotten us over the last eight years. So you haven’t proven anything here, other than the fact that you are part of the problem in our country today. Americans white and black are going to come out Nov 4th all across this country and vote for CHANGE which is what we need.

  53. Charles Says:

    Now these supporters are really ignorant…

  54. steve Says:

    99% of blacks are voting Obama

    Maybe…and I mean Maybe 60% of whites will vote for McCain

    Yeah, you idiots, race will play a role in this election. Blacks get away with it because of all of the bleeding heart liberals in the media who allow it.

    I am sick of hearing people wondering if race will play a role in preventing Obama from winning. There are Millions of more blacks registered to vote this time than ever before. HMMMM….use your brains idiots….they are ONLY voting for him because he is black. Acutally half black but no one mentions that…same with Tiger.

    I know there are idiots who are white also only voting for McCain because he is white. But in NO WAY is it the same percentage. Not even close and if you can read and do research you can see the #’s. Look at the lines in Chicago for early voting…They have NEVER had that before….Are you telling me that its all based on issues…Give me a break.

    Are you people that stupid. Racism is huge in this country, BUT it is just as much Blacks being anti white. Obama could say whatever he wants and people arent listening. He doesnt answer any questions, says the same BS over and over, all of his plans are flawed and BS…but he’s black so gotta get out to vote yo!

    Give me a break…country full of idiots and the idiots keep breeding faster and faster…God help us. (i mean idiots of all races)

  55. Godfearingrepub Says:

    Look I am a white female. I am from the south. and I am supporting McCain. Now I am sure you automatically think its because Obama is black. That is simply not true. I am voting for who God would want me to vote for. Someone above said the blue states are more educated than the red. Thats fine, because my life here doesn’t matter to me too much. Much of the south are still God fearing people. So i guess it comes down to who’s going to hell and who’s not. Now would you rather live in a blue state or a red state? Obama claims to be a Christian without Christian views. I grew up around many african american churches and they are rock solid strong faithed people. They are NOT supporting Obama either.
    Obama has a white mother. SO really what is there to question here.
    The facts are simple. Obama is really inexperienced. He came up too fast from nowhere. He is like a rock star. and forgive me for not supporting someone who Hollywood backs. Excuse me but those aren’t exactly the people that know what they are talking about. Forgive me for not supporting a person who wants to take away our rights to bare arms. Forgive me for not supporting a person who wants to tax the Rich. People it sounds good in theory. But the rich people are going to continue to be Rich. SO if they are paying higher taxes, don’t you think we are going to be the ones to suffer? They will raise the prices on EVERYTHING. So cool we won’t pay taxes on anything. But a loaf of bread will be $10!!!

    Think before you vote!

    A Government Strong enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take away everything you have!

  56. Gerbery Lovejoy III Says:

    By God’s sweet presentation of His blessed swaddling clothes, from up on the Mount to down in the valley of Galilee, in the gladdening spirit of the blessed Virgin’s presence, by the holy light of Our Lord’s tender tomorrows, may McCain be elected for our beautiful white, Christian land’s happy future!

  57. wakeupafricanamericans Says:

    I truly imagine that African Americans will truly be disenfranchised if Obama will be elected. I believe that if Sen. Obama is elected that he will no doubtly screw up America, and Pelosi and all her buddies will be hands off, and pointing fingers at the African-Americans. These future actions if allowed to play will truly divide America into twos, the haves and the have nots!

  58. Prejudice Against Ingnorance Says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!! There are a quite a few idiots out there … and writing on here!

    Gerbery Lovejoy III – Did you really just say that? Or did the KKK narrate it for you?? Idiot!

    I believe in GOD 100% (if you don’t, that’s your gig) BUT, I don’t believe in using GOD to spread a message of Hate … um, last time I checked that would be and Oxymoron!

    And no, I am a white pre-med female student!

    Ok, so for those of you that are ignorant enough to think that Race doesn’t play a HUGE role in this election … Take the damn blinders OFF!! Pretending like something is not there, does not make it go away.

    Yes, this country is still divided racially. A very close BLACK friend of mine from Alabama stated this “the government has made the black population out to be the victim … and until they stop accepting that they are victims there will be no equality.”

    Let me take this a step further … ALL people who play the victim role are loosing out! And I truly feel that a majority of people that are voting for Obama are “Victims” looking for the government to fix their problems.

    I am in debt up to my ears, but I sure as hell don’t want the government coming in to my life and doing what “they” think is best for me. We all have a brain … USE IT! This country provides so many opportunities to everyone, if you want it …. go get it! If you are too poor to go to college, get a GRANT … or worst case… get student loans!

    Education is Power! Empower yourself!

    I was going to vote Dem this year, until my candidate fell out … No not Hillary. I will neglectfully be voting McCain… the lesser of two evils for myself. And if he were blue, I would still be voting for him.

    Make an educated vote! Don’t just think about tomorrow, but 2,3,4 years from now.

    Ta ta, and happy voting.

  59. openupyoureyes Says:

    No different than women voting for the McRage/Palin ticket just because a woman is on the ticket–women who aren’t taking the time to look at Palin’s ethics or lack of experience. Pure ignorance there too!

    No difference whatsoever!

  60. Asinine racist claptrap at The Atlantic - Southern Maryland Community Forums Says:

    […] for a Democratic candidate, is of course never considered racist. African Americans support Obama solely because of his position on the issues. Jeffrey Goldberg, the not very thoughtful Atlantic columnist, has now stepped into it, with a […]

  61. Hmm... Says:

    Though it’s true these people are probably voting for Obama because he’s black, that’s absolutely no different than what you will find in the hick towns in the south–many white people voting for McCain because he’s white, not wanting to stand the thought of a black man as president. This isn’t ‘reverse discrimination’ at all–there is no such thing. It’s just regular discrimination, and it’s happening everywhere. And it’s certainly not fair to say that all black people voting for Obama are voting for him because he’s black. The people portrayed in this video are being prejudiced by voting for Obama based off of his race, but the message that the video is trying to send is also racist because it shows black people to be ignorant, not capable, or not willing to research their candidate of choice. Plenty of blacks have researched both candidates, but as is shown and had been shown for the past many many years, most black people are democratic, so they would vote for the democratic candidate anyway, whether he be white or black or whatever. The same goes for many republicans–they’d vote the republican candidate without thinking twice. How do you think Bush won a second term?

  62. A Virtuous Citizenry, Vital To A Free Republic Says:

    […] Howard Stern sent a representative out to Harlem to ask potential voters why they supported Sen. Barack Obama. The twist? Sen. John McCain’s views were ascribed to Mr. Obama, ie -”Do you support Obama being pro-life?” The answers were startling. […]

  63. Dave Says:

    Most blacks are highly educated. The fact that they vote for Black people like Marion Barry after his cocaine conviction, or Sharp James despite pending criminal investigations, or Alcee Hastings despite the fact that he was impeached as federal judge, his conviction being thrown out on a technicality, the bribe charge never having been refuted- is purely coincidental.

  64. bd Says:

    obama is not a muslim he is an athiest who admitted to joining a religion becuase he saw how it brought communities together. however athiesm to me is worse than not having a religion. atleast being muslim you have standards to live by and not all of them are jihadists. i dislike obama to a great extent not becuase of the color of his skin but because he is for abortion and lies to the american public. i believe his tax plan went from 250,000 to 150 and i even heard it might be 120,000 get informed america

    also obama is expecting 95% of the black vote
    i dont believe mccain is expecting 95% of the white

  65. LaLa Says:

    Smokey Behr Says:

    This goes to show you that people “of color” are voting for Obama specifically because he’s not white. They’re uneducated on the issues and have been brainwashed by the mainstream media.

    It’s another example why the Black Culture is a culture of failure and victimization. They will never think of themselves as equal until they quit listening to the Poverty Pimps like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, ignore everyone around them telling them that they can’t succeed, and fight the stereotypes.

    CAN I GET AN AMEN!!!!! 😉

  66. Denise Says:

    I agree with Sam. I have heard plenty of educated African Americans and uneducated white Americans who want McCain. Does that mean they are racist? No, not necessarily. Now, I am an animal and Earth lover. I love and wish we (the USA) were still respected worldwide. Anyway, I voted for Hillary in the primaries. Although it took a bit of calming down, I knew I would be voting for Obama when he was the nominee, since Al Gore backed him and Hillary backed him too. ANYONE who wanted Hillary and does NOT vote for Obama, either, doesn’t care about the environment changing or life on Earth exsisting, is filthy rich and likes the TAX CUTS bush gave them that Obama wants to take back (not add to) or is a backwards RACIST!!! Plain and simple. RACISM IS ALIVE AND WELL IN THE USA. BTW Howard, the KKK not only hates black people but Jewish people too. KKK a strong supporter of MCCain / palin.

  67. Obamanation Says:

    Harlem is not the only place where Obama supporters believe he has a pro-life position and will basically “put a chicken in every pot”.

    I’m actually looking for a rabbit out of every hat.

    I heard college kids in Utah talking about how McCain was just too radical and inexperienced to be president. They wanted a conservative pro life president with a track record. They were straight faced and passionate about how Obama was who the “thinking” Americans were all voting for because he was cutting taxes and providing medical coverage for everyone and he was going to turn this country around and over night too.

    Obama must be loving all of this. He doesn’t care why people vote for him as long as he can gain control of executive power over this country. He already has a democratic congress so he might not even need to use it.

    I guess in a short time, (if he wins) we all share in the realization of what he is actually about and we will all see if he is what this country needs or what the citizens of this country have brought on themselves by being so passionate about things they never even bothered to look up or check out themselves.

    These were kids who worked as volunteers to elect Obama and they wanted him because of his serious family values platform.

    They said abortions went down with Clinton and they were confident that Obama would make them go down even further.


  68. Dave Says:

    Some of the comments on above are so stupid. The idiot with the Christian chant scares me, go start a compound or something. The jerk that wrote the KKK supports McCain, get a clue. That’s as bad as saying Osama supports Obama. I suspect neither candidate would accept the support. Changing there names is also such a cheap attack. If you can’t discuss their position on a issue then you should just keep your trap shut.
    We all know there are whites voting for McCain and Blacks for Obama. Pigment doesn’t equate to stupidity and you simply can’t fix stupid. So those who let that make their decision that is sad.
    I honestly don’t like either of them. Obama is too inexperienced for me and some of his associations concern me. He was a professor at the same college as Ayers so I dismiss that but his reverand is a nut job. He spent many years with him and that was a choice, not a co-worker. McCain does not support many of the issues I do, primarily social issues. Palin gives me Fargo flashbacks. So I guess you pick the one who has the most stances you agree with. The key is to do your homework and stop listening to the ridiculous crap that is going around on both sides. Find the candidate who best fits your ideology and who you think will do the best and vote.
    Please check this website out. You may or may not agree but should always have an open mind.

  69. God given right? « Introspectively speaking Says:

    […] they do. It is obvious to me that this same experiment would yield the same results in any city. . Is it any wonder that so many other countries think that the general population of the United […]

  70. Meg Says:

    This is the problem with this election. Really? Have you not watched any news coverage ? read anything? listened to any educated person talk about this election?

    Just because someone was Chinese…and you were chinese..should I vote for them even if i have NO CLUE as to what I’m voting for. You can not vote for something just because the person is a specific race!!! that’s ludacris.

    You can not be passionate about something without understanding the cause. Volunteers for the Obama campaign are in for a HUGE suprise when he gets into the office and doesn’t “change” it all. Do you even know what you’re voting for? Because OBama isn’t the only one in this race. it’s obamas cabinet that makes alot of decisions, it’s congress that makes these decisions…so, lets see what you think come next this time next year and obama isn’t handing out money to everyone on the street if they make less than $20,000 a year.

  71. joy Says:

    I wonder what would happen if Sal went into a predominantly white working class neighborhood & did the same interview but flipped the questioning presenting Obama’s views as McCain’s instead? Do you think you’d get the same results? Duh!!

  72. arthur Says:

    Some black people voted for obama because he was black, yes.. But some people voted for mccain because obama was black.. I worked for the campaign down in homestead/miami, Florida and many of the older hispanic and older caucasian voters said they didn’t want a black president.. I even had a few people say “if it aint white, it aint right.” So seeing as some people are complaining that he won because some black people voted for him because he was black, does it make it fair that many people voted for mccain because mccain was the only white candidate?

  73. bob Says:

    We are screwed now!!! Where is my tin foil hat!

  74. alexpiper7 Says:

    “It’s another example why the Black Culture is a culture of failure and victimization”
    – Smokey Behr

    Just say “I’m a child” and spare us your racist diatribe. That was honestly the stupidest thing I’ve ever read.

    The people whose opinions are swayed by this video are just as ignorant and uneducated as the people in it.

  75. Dave Says:

    First of all, yikes. But the same thing can be said of plenty of people who voted for McCain as well. I know for a fact that people voted for McCain just because Obama is black. I know other people who voted for McCain because they honest to God think Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist. There are just as, if not more, ignorant people in the ‘red’ states as there are in the ‘blue’ states. Whatever.

  76. Andrew Says:

    To nola, if you’re still following. It’s not true that “half of the US population is below average”. Rather, half of the US population falls below the MEDIAN. That’s different. Look it up.

  77. Andrew Says:

    OMG, Meg… “ludacris”… Like the rapper?

  78. lucy hill Says:

    this is honestly the most depressing things ive ever heard. our country is so screwed its beyond belief. people who literally have no education were allowed to vote and its just awful. These people are so uninformed and literally are so ignorant. they only voted for obama because it was the trendy thing to do and also its just cause he was black. its embarrassing to live in this country now. i’m literally considering leaving and going to another country. this man is going to ruin us and that’s all im going to say. RIP AMERICA

  79. McCain 2012 Says:

    As a Political Science student I did exit polling in the great state of Mississippi. Mississippi is supposedly last in education, but out of two candidates one being experienced one not, Mississippi picked the better of the two (McCain). I guess we are no longer the dumbest state in the Union. Put all this aside, and when asking democrat voters more than half couldn’t identify anyone on the ballot other than Obama. More than 60% did not even know who the Governor of MS was. So, I am not surprised by this video. It just shows why the United States is in such a mess. Thanks to all 50 million of you who showed courage and patriotism when voting for the next president. To the other 50+ million people who are not smart enough to pour piss out of a boot, well enough said.

  80. MyPresidentIsBlack Says:

    This is all ridiculous…

    First of all, an interview of a few HARLEM citizens does not represent the entire black population; it’s stereotypical and just plain DUMB to think so. Second of all, ok maybe these black voters are only voting for President Barack because of his skin-color….are you trying to tell me that there isn’t an equal amount of Appalachian whites, deep-south racists, white supremacists, etc. who are voting for McCain simply because of HIS race!!??!!

    All of this aside, even if EVERY black person in America voted for President Obama based on his race, WHO ARE WHITES TO COMPLAIN. For hundreds of years we were enslaved, beaten, discriminated against, denied of our rights, and even CONSIDERED UN-HUMAN, simply because of the COLOR OF OUR SKIN. Even if we were all to vote for President Barack because he’s black….SO WHAT. It’s ok for whites to do it but not ok for blacks? Of course.

    Then again why does it matter, MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK.

  81. MyPresidentIsBlack Says:

    Now all of a sudden we should judge people on their views instead of the color of their skin…

  82. Me Says:

    61% of the voter were white!!!!!

  83. Lee Anna Says:

    This just goes to show you how blind and ignorant people can be. I think you should have to take a test to be able to vote. I think its so funny that people didn’t even know who he had elected to be his vp considering most people that were even democratic hated his elect. I think this interview was not to show racism but to show how little people research such a big decision. It’s truly sad. I feel the better canidate did not win. I feel that way not for color or party preference but because in all actuality my opinion was that Obama was hazy on his views. I hope the country does not become socialist. It will all wash out because only so much damage can be done in four years.

  84. everydaydood Says:

    You know, I can hardly blame blacks for voting en masse for Obama. They have never had a presidential candidate of the saem skin color. So this time I give them a pass.

    What I really want to know is, in races involving a white and a black in a primarily black area, has there ever been a time that the white was elected. Could someone give me an example, please? My thought is that it must have occurred, but that it would be less than 10% of the time. And THAT, is really telling if true.

    Anyone know where I can find those statistics?

  85. distoric Says:

    I have a question for all of you who think that blacks only vote for obama because he is black:

    Do you think we would vote for rice or powell? Do you think that we would have been so fast to vote for Mr. T or Gary Coleman (I am from California so you guys could probrably guess why I chose this second set)?

    It doesnt suprise me that some people answered sterns questions incorrectly. If I was celebrating on election day, which I was, I wouldn’t give a shit about stern asking his political questions. I would just want to shut him up and get back to partying.

    I think that if stern wants to prove how politically naive black voters are he needs to do a real survey and show us the ERROR in his findings.

    Sorry that us naive blacks have a say in who becomes president. For now, all of you who don’t like blacks should just be happy so many blacks are in prison. With prison policy the way it is you still have a large number of us disenfranchised, and you’re corporations can still use us for cheap labor.

    Bottom Line—->Stern would not be able to get away with this type of entertainment if his fan base had higher IQ’s than Bush.

  86. Rick Says:

    Some very interesting comments. The Democrats recruited indigents from all races, from park benches, under bridges, and from flop houses. It is in the Democrat mind to cheat, lie, etc. to win an office. And when you have 90% of a race voting for the one person of the same race, it is obviously racism, as that vote was also against a white candidate.

    Jay Leno’s sidewalk interviews, notwithstanding those who have misinterpreted the interviews, will note that the older one is, the more he knows about the political and social landscape. The youth Leno interviewed knows every movie and tv star, especially American Idol, but very little about politics or geography. They only know what they heard on the Obama supporting news media. And guess what group Obama recruited by the millions to register and vote on the same day. A lot of vote fraud has been committed that will never–never-NEVER be investigated, even by the Republicans who are afraid they will be charged with racism.

    The rub will come when the really smart ones who bankrolled Obama begin to realize he can not come through with what he promised, they will be the first ones to begin eating on him like a bunch of buzzards.

  87. Nonya Says:

    Yall some stupid ass people. People did the same thing for McCain… They voted for him because he is white… So yall should ask how could they let those people vote. Obama is trying to bring change and help the middle class people while McCain just wants the money to stay with him and other republicans. And if yall dumb ass think about it, Obama was elected president with the most votes from WHITE people so dont put all the blame on black people. Howard Stern needs to take his old, stuck in the 20’s (with his clothes and hair) ass and climb in some hole and stay there forever..!

  88. Ashley L. Says:

    You ask three people in harlem and that relfects the thinking of Black America as a whole? I think not. Granted there were some black people that only voted for Obama because he was black but the vast majority knew the issues and if they supported him they supported him because they agreed with his policies. Why didnt they go to Manhattan and ask three black people why they were voting for Obama? They chose Harlem because they knew the caliber of African American they would find there. I’m sorry to say it but its true. I voted for Obama because I agreed with his policies more than McCains. When asked about the three most important issues that are affecting America today, which should be priority number one and how they would handle each of them. McCain skirted around the question and gave the unrealistic answer that they could all be solved at the same time. I would not give my vote to a man that woud insult my intelligence that way. To try and make me believe that he could just do it all. Please. Obama answered straight forward and said which needed to be handled first and what he plans to do about each of them. I just dont understand why America has to be divided over his becoming president when it should be such a unifying event. It should be confirming to every one that America is what it says it is. A land of EQUAL opportunity. You arent even giving the man a chance before you start saying he’s completely incapable of running our country. Bush won two consecutive elections and got undying support, look what he’s done for, or should I say to America. You’re saying Black people only voted for Obama because he’s black. I have two questions for you. Do you think a presidential candidate can win with ONLY the black vote? The answer: No. Its a minority vote. White people voted for him too. And secondly, Isnt it possible that some people DIDNT vote for him because he is black? The answer: absolutley! But that ignorance is of absolutely NO CONSEQUENCE. Because like it or not, whether you voted for him or against him Obama is the President of the United States of America.

  89. educationiskey Says:

    This is completely one-sided. If you did the same interview with white people in mississippi, I bet you’ll find white people who will say they will vote for McCain according to Obama’s policies. I personally know plenty of white people that are voting for McCain just because he is white and they know nothing about his policies. Howard is just trying to make a fool of black people and he shoudl make a fool of his own race. If people out there believe that an interview with 3 black people convinces you that all an entire race of black people voted for Obama because of the color of his skin is just absolute nonsense. And if you people believe that then I think you need to educate yourself more.

  90. DocW Says:

    The fore fathers of our country did the best that they could for us and odviously it was not quite good enough. We have no choice now, we will be paying big time as even the Idiot voters along with a large number of other stupid Democrats cry, when BUYERS REMORSE sets in.
    There is no way to fix it all when the cancer of stupidity is in tandem with the maneuvers of foreign factions of another gospel, having so deeply infiltrated our government and society, working hard to push it and help it to roll out of control on a down hill run.
    We made it over a couple of centuries but we are operating and living on borrowed time anyway.
    Education is like the element of fire. Some people were created to be stupid. In the word of the God our nation was created under, we are informed of this, ( Proverbs 16:4 The Lord hath made all things for himself: yea, even the wicked for the day of evil.) and should understand that even though educating the ignorant is a good work, it will help to educe forth Stupid People With A Lot Of Knowledge that are not Mentaly nor Spiritualy equiped to be trusted with it.

  91. DocW Says:

    Hey…Nonya ….You are exactly what I am talking about. You are just another example of the success and asset of the ongoing work of Sons Of Ismael as you blindly fight for them. You dont understand the money either. You sound like all the rest of the unfortunate masses that say in their heart and out loud “give me mine without me working for it and give me yours even though you worked for it ,cause it’s mine too and you owe it too me.” Sounds of the Socialist and the Communist spirit are evident in your attitude filled statement…..Time, and it won’t be long, time will tell how the “middle class” is going to be help by this HUGE mistake that the people of this has made. Don’t be pissed at me, you can’t help being hit on the blind side like all the rest of America has…..It is unforunate but the real pupose and work of 911 and such is starting to pay off for the Sons of Ismael, now as the black folk were so successfully used through the underlying issue of race in their hearts.
    Can’t fix Stupid. It takes time to ware of the effects of it but the stink of it will remain throughout the rest of history scroll.

  92. Habbit Says:

    You people are morons. The response to allegations that most blacks voted for Obama is met with the allegation that there were whites who voted for McCain? Holy God. The issue is not whether the first or the latter is worst, the issue is that neither is even a semi-valid reason to vote for either candidate.

  93. Colmes reported that the media drank left wing cool-aid - Page 2 - Conservative Republican Discussion Forums Says:

    […] he used McCain’s policies disguised as Obama’s. Yes, the results are what you might expect 😉 Howard Stern: Harlem Voters Blogs for McCain Not a big fan of Howard Stern, especially all the sex stuff, but in this case I found this […]

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