Ad Watch: Two New Ads Hit Obama Hard


One hits Obama hard on the financial crisis, it’s from

The second from Our Country Deserves Better PAC, hits Obama on his “Wrong Values”:


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2 Responses to “Ad Watch: Two New Ads Hit Obama Hard”

  1. John Arack Says:

    Lets talk about Rick Davis receiving campaign contributions from Fannie-Freddie till Sept 2008. Also lets talk about Phil Gramm the Doctor of de-regulation the Financial Modernization Act. Lets talk about the Keating 5 which John McCain was involved. John McCain did little to reform Fannie Freddie and you know it, John McCain is continuing to smear Barack Obama and it is not working..

  2. John Arack Says:

    Even funnier Lets talk a out Sarah Palin. I like hearing about the Alaska Independence party which Todd was a member, and Sarah addressed in 2008. Lets talk about Joe Vogler whos passion for Alaska to succeed from the United States and his hatred for everything the United States stands for, makes Rev. Wright who is a basically a good person look great. Lets also talk about the Witch Doctor who clensed Sarah. Yeah after Bush and Carl Rove flipping elections Waterboarding and Attacking solverign countries along with being asleep on de-regulation yeah Im with Rev. Wright “Damn America”. I will leave this conversation with Sean Hannity’s and Sarah Palin’s faborcations and personal attacks on Senator Obama “terrorist” as anti-american and anti-christen..

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