Live Blog 3rd Debate + Post-Debate Analysis


Join us for 30 minutes right after the debate at Blog Talk Radio to parse the candidate’s statements and respective performances. Callers welcome! (646) 595-4791.

Discuss the debate live as it happens at’s third presidential debate hub.

Simply click the link or graphic above to listen live — or to play the archive once we’re off the air.


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5 Responses to “Live Blog 3rd Debate + Post-Debate Analysis”

  1. russrjn Says:

    This son of a bitch..(Obama) just lied on television and said he had no association with it and the FBI will raid his campaign headquarters…He funded these crooked bastards to tune of 830,000 dollars..
    CASE CLOSED and he will be lead out in handcuffs AND IN JAIL!!! as his associates Farrakhan,Wright,Ayers and other radicals.and poverty pimps…all of these people are baby killers…. Pilosi,Reed and Barney Frank will go to jail as well for ACORN home loans.Oh I forgot Chris Dodd

  2. Caroline Says:

    Obama won again. Now let’s get on with solving our financial, educational, and foreign policies!

  3. Alex Says:

    Wow – that first responder is an example of the exact thing that Americans are tired of. You don’t like what someone is saying politically? Trash his character!

  4. Chris Says:

    In the third presidential debate Senator Obama made the claim that he would ban Partial Birth abortions if protection was given with regards to the health of the mother. This is an empty argument since the baby is killed after it has been 90% delivered and only its head is still in the womb. The mother’s health is not in jeopardy for that last second it takes to deliver the baby. He is just being dishonest. Take a look at this video which goes into detail of the procedure.

  5. bonnie pittenger Says:

    tried everything to get number for headquaters in albuquerque and the rnc in albuqerque does everything they can to not let that happen.they do not want mccain elected in this state.their offices are closed most of the time and they just lost my vote

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