Hillraisers Bring in Mountains of Cash for Palin


via the NYT’s Caucus Blog, Clinton Supporters Aid Palin:

Gov. Sarah Palin met with a group of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton’s former supporters Tuesday evening at a special fund-raising reception organized for them on behalf of the Republican ticket.

The reception, which organizers said brought in more than $500,000, was part of an extended evening of fund-raising for Ms. Palin and Senator John McCain’s presidential campaign at the Grand Hyatt in New York that officials estimated raised more than $8 million.


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3 Responses to “Hillraisers Bring in Mountains of Cash for Palin”

  1. geevill Says:

    As a primary Clinton voter let me say above all we need voter turnout for Clinton supporters voting McCain-Palin.

  2. jonas Says:

    Obama is a textbook big-government, tax-and-spend liberal. He plans to raise income tax rates; capital gains tax rates, Social Security taxes (by virtue of eliminating the cap), dividend taxes, inheritance taxes, and introduce a slew of new taxes. His plan will destroy this country “I think he can be ready, but right now I don’t believe he is,” Biden said in 2007. “The presidency is not something that lends itself to on-the-job training.” In debate among Democratic hopefuls, moderator George Stephanopoulos pressed Biden whether he stood by a recent quote. Biden said, “I stand by that statement.”

  3. mariannpepitone@hotmail.com Says:

    If McCain loses, I hope Palin will run against Obama for the presidency. I believe she would have a good chance at winning even if Pelosi made her threats to the super delegates to vote immediately like she did when Hillary was running against Obama. She demanded they vote immediately. I was hoping that the republican’s would take back the house to get rid of her. She is the worst housespeaker we ever had in Congress and this is the worst Congress ever.

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