Joe the Plumber Calls Obama “Socialist”


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5 Responses to “Joe the Plumber Calls Obama “Socialist””

  1. mary Says:

    Thank you Joe! You are me! I am a florist…struggling but proud. I have had other occupations but, have never worked so hard.. (yet proud) in my life. I still hurt when I see my mediocre profits go out the door… in taxes! The truth is that if I have to pay more taxes…I will have to shut down! It is nothing for me to be working alone at 3 or 4 A M. You are a true hero! Ypu asked the one single question I wanted to see him lie or dance around! BTW.. I am your neighbor in West Virginia. Very Similiar economies… Thank You for being not only Man enough but American enough to ask a simple question that needed answered!

  2. Ted Shelton Says:

    Dear Mary:

    Your comment is quite hilarious. Let me parse what you said —

    If I make even more money, as much as $250,000 in profits

    And if Obama is elected and raises taxes on me and the 5% of Americans that make that much

    then I will have to shut down my business

    Huh? If you have to pay more taxes it will only because you are making more money. I am glad to hear that a florist is in the top 5% of all income earners in America, but really, if you pay a few more dollars in taxes out of all that money then you will have to shut down?

    Or is it perhaps the case that you do NOT make that much money and under the Obama plan you will actually have a tax reduction! And a tax credit to hire someone so that you don’t have to be at work at 3 or 4 a.m.

    Get the facts! Learn what these plans are really all about and how the affect you! Don’t just fall for the bad information being spread out there!

  3. Joe Says:

    If we don’t pay taxes, we can’t beat the taliban. Jo is wrong, When Jo goes out of a job he will rely on state help otherwise he and his whole family will suffer.

  4. mary Says:


    First of all thanks for your unsolicited tax advice. You seem to be much More in-touch than my large CPA ccounting firm that handles my accounting. I never said what my profits were nor did I mention how many people I employe. I carry my own AR as a service to my clients.

    I have been in bussiness many years… But if ” BHO” is elecected and chooses to raise my taxes. Very Simple… I will shut it down, close the doors and go jump on the welfare wagon and pay No taxes. yet recieve a check in the mail monthly and then … in the spring recieve another check although I will be paying no taxes … a check that that you are affording for me… Along with all the other fine democrats…! thanks for providing me with this valuable information…. BTW, all 39 of my employees will be recieving your checks also..

    Are you a voting citizen blogger… Or merely monitoring the Mc Cain site for the NOBAMA campaign ???

    Never minded paying my fair share of taxes…. Just have a problem with rewarding people that have never worked or paid taxes at all that weren’t disabled.

    Thanks for defining “Small Bussiness” to me. I wasn’t sure where the cut-off began and ended. Are you sure of both?

    Thanks for enlightening me ,

  5. Kelli Says:

    I am the daughter of a small business owner and know what it is like to see my father work the long 12 hour days, seven days a week to take care of his family. My father grosses over $250,000 a year but yet he dosen’t even bring home $40,000. Under Obama my father will have to fire his employees and work all by himself just to afford to pay the taxes that would be imposed upon him. Then my parents will have to sell their house and rent because they won’t have to money to pay their mortgage. So therefore, all of my dad’s money is going to go to Americans who don’t even pay taxes and my parents are going to have to suffer in the process. Doesn’t sound very fair to me Senator Obama.

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