Malkin: What the Media Isn’t Reporting


via National Review, The Rage That’s Not On Your Front Page:

Speaking of “violent escalation of rhetoric” you never hear about:

Obama supporters in Philadelphia sported “Sarah Palin is a [disgusting vulgarism referring to female genitalia]” T-shirts and yelled, “Let’s stone her, old school” over the weekend.

An Internet artist has designated Palin an “M.I.L.P.” — “Mother I’d Like to Punch“ — and published a drawing of a man’s fist knocking a tooth out of the Alaska governor’s mouth and the glasses off her face.

“ABORT Palin” graffiti has sprouted on the sidewalks of Seattle, and “Abort Sarah Palin“ bumper stickers are spreading in Web stores.


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One Response to “Malkin: What the Media Isn’t Reporting”

  1. acme Says:

    What makes this “news” deserve more coverage? I can see… maybe the “stone her, old school” comment is mean, but it sounds a lot more like someone making fun of a stupid bible passage than actually meaning harm to Palin. Stories about stoning people in the bible are Sarah’s kind of favorite stories, right?

    Besides, if mainstream media had to report about every idiot that supports a candidate, there’d be nothing but *crap* to read about. (Not that mainstream media is that great btw… I’ll grant you that. In fact, I don’t pay much attention to mainstream media. Why do YOU care so much about them?)

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