McCain Wins Against ‘Senator Government’


On our post-debate analysis on Talk Right radio last night, our three member panel agreed that McCain’s Freudian slip calling Senator Obama “Senator Government” was probably the biggest takeaway of the evening.

The Wall Street Journal agrees:

Whether or not last night’s much-improved debate performance helps John McCain rally in the polls, at least voters finally got a clearer sense of the policy differences. For our money, the best line of the night was Mr. McCain’s Freudian slip of referring to Barack Obama as “Senator Government.” Neither candidate is offering policies that meet the serious economic moment. But Mr. McCain would let Americans keep more of their own income to ride out the downturn, while Mr. Obama is revealing that his default agenda is to spend money and expand the government.


As the front-runner in the polls, Mr. Obama probably figures he can afford to play this kind of small ball and coast into the White House. He merely needs to disguise and downplay the magnitude of his tax and spending plans. As for Mr. McCain, we’ve argued for months that he’s needed a larger, more compelling economic narrative — and the financial panic gave him an opening to argue for a far more substantial tax cut to spur growth and avoid a deep recession. He’s preferred to play small ball instead. Mr. McCain’s best hope now is that millions of Americans share the basic economic common sense of Joe the Plumber.

What was your favorite line or exchange of the third presidential debate?

UPDATE: via the New York Post: McCain Wins Third Debate


2 Responses to “McCain Wins Against ‘Senator Government’”

  1. Rob Says:

    The best line was when Senator McCain told Obama that he should of ran in 2004 if he wanted to run against President Bush. Senator McCain stood up for Senator Obama during one of his rallies when people were saying bad things about Senator Obama. Senator McCain has done this his entire life since he stood up for America as a soldier. He has been known to work across party lines and has devoted his entire life to our country. That must stand for something!!!! He is not another four years of President Bush, doesn’t want government to own you, will have democrats and republicans in his staff (2000 Democrat V.P. nominee supports Senator McCain), and will provide some balance in our government. Why would you want one party controlling all levels of government? Where are the checks and balances???

  2. 12secRads Says:

    Favorite line: “Senator Obama, I am not President Bush, if you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run four years ago. I will take this country in a new direction.”

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