Toledo Blade Gets Joe the Plumber’s Debate Reax


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3 Responses to “Toledo Blade Gets Joe the Plumber’s Debate Reax”

  1. ComOB Says:

    “Personal Responsibility vs Entitlement”

    RIGHT FRAKIN ON JOE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oregon4Obama Says:

    Bad news is that Obama did not explain too well about how his pre-taxed dollars and business expenditures are exempts from his own Tax plan….

    If you own a business, you can write off employees pay, healthcare, insurance, equipment, vehicles, tools etc……Obama does not tax that…..Do some research on taxes…..Joe, would have to make more than $250,000/year from customers paying him, but he can still write off a ton…..thats the issue here, he is not taxed on what customers pay, but rather his total net income after all the business write-offs

  3. Chris McKeon Says:

    Thank you sir for your honesty! Joe, you speak for the Heartland of America: McCain is the one to trust as our next President, and preserve the democracy we love.

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