Heeeere’s Johnny…


Who can make both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama roll with laughter? …John McCain at the Albert E. Smith Dinner.

Video picks up at 2:38

Oh please, please, please, let this be a sign that McCain will be McCain in the last three weeks of this election.


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3 Responses to “Heeeere’s Johnny…”

  1. Star Says:

    John McCain makes me roll in laughter… He is a joke and he is immature… and he makes immature and irresponsible decisions…Giving him power to lead a country is like giving a 4 year old a crayon in front of a wall and telling him not to write on it… I can not picture America succeeding with an immature candidate and a vice president can not answer simple question if someone asked her name she’d probably start talking about how John McCain helped his wife pick out a purse… How can someone want a man who makes faces and ignorant unnecessary comments… how can he play the blame game and he supports the president who put the country in this economic struggle… And how can he say that the war is necessary my first question why are troops still in iraq what is the reason they are there…This “war” / waste of money going on its been 7 years and we are still there what was accomplished except good soliders losing there life for someone who can even speak in a complete sentence… The war is what I blame for the state of America now spending millions of dollars a month money that can go back into the country back to New Orleans its ridiculous and one more thing John McCain can not speak for him self he is somewhere in LaLa land if you ever watch the debates closely the only reason McCain might say something that sounds good is because Mr. Obama just said it… LOL and I also believe John McCain choose Sarah Palin as his running mate because Mrs. Clinton put those 18 million cracks in the ceiling now he thinks he can win over votes why else would he do it be never really met the woman then choose her to run by his side… what a joke… not thats rolling in laughter!!!

  2. mkat16 Says:

    Star – You are completely wrong. Obama not McCain is the joke. If you did not understand the jokes then you have not been paying any attention to politics and what has been going on in our country. Obama is the one who has the serpents tongue. He constantly changes his opinions depending on who he talks to. Obama holds no values nor morals as far as I can see. Giving McCain the position of president with the power behind it would be the best thing the country can do right now. Obama can only lead our great country to failure and destroy what make our country great (the PEOPLE). I suggest you learn how the government of the United States works. You are fussing and blaming everything on the President you forget that the majority of the you are pissed about are from the Legislative branch (if you do not understand that it is Congress- representatives and senate) that make up the laws. Maybe you should look at Senator Obama’s voting record it is dismal at best!!!! You underestimate Palin severely. She is far more qualified and better prepared to be the VP then that nut Biden. As for your comments on the war- you apparently are not intelligent enough to look further into things and find the true facts. The war in Iraq has not cost as many lives as any of the other Wars OUR country has fought. We are making a difference only thing is that the MEDIA is too liberal anti war to show the difference. All the media shows is the bad side they do not show the children protected or the help with the infrastructure. One of the the artist (Kalat) who was forced to build statues for Saddam had members of the 558th Engineer Group quietly take piece of the toppled statues to him. The toppled statues were cut into pieces – He reshaped the chunks of bronze into a likeness of an American soldier being comforted by a small girl as he mourns a fallen comrade. He spent several months sculpting and casting the statue all the while fearing retaliation from former regime loyalists. Why? Because it was his way of showing his gratitude toward OUR soldiers and all the GOOD they are doing. Did you here about this in the news? NO because it showed that we are making a difference. NO the real reason that the country has such a dept is the billions of dollars we spend on illegal aliens that have NO right to be in our Country or the billions we spend on welfare for people who do not want to work but rather sit at home and collect checks. If you knew the facts and actualy used your GOD given ability to reason for yourself rather then mindlessly believing what the BIAS MEDIA (who is anti war and for OBAMA) then you would know that McCain is by far the better candidate and the all of OBAMA proposed reforms would not only not befit the people like he tells you but make the economic and overall situation much worse.

    I suggest that you learn to do research and learn how our great country in run. Your comments make you seem like a mere child who has no understanding how the real world is.

  3. Ali A. Akbar Says:

    It was SO funny to watch the dinner. Loved it!

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