More Defense of Joe the Plumber


Do liberals and their allies in the media really believe that attacking Joe the Plumber and his background is really going to take the light off Barack Obama’s Socialist comments?

UPDATE: See also, Feeling Plumber Fatigue, Media Turn on ‘Joe’


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2 Responses to “More Defense of Joe the Plumber”

  1. Robert ROSIER Says:

    Most people have some sort of insurance, whether its home, auto or life insurance.

    The reason we have insurance is to protect us against disaster.

    Choosing the next President is like choosing the right insurance policy.

    We have two major areas of concern in this election

    1. The Economy
    2. National Security

    When it comes to the economy both candidates are well versed but neither are experts.
    However both have competent advisors where they can get input. One candidate is for higher taxes and larger government and the other for lower taxes and smaller government.

    When there are problems with the economy there is sufficient time to consult with advisors.

    When it comes to National Security only one candidate has experience, John McCain.
    If the President’s phone rang at 3:00am there might not be time to consult advisors.
    We need a President with National Security experience.

    Back to insurance.

    If our President makes a poor decision concerning the Economy it might cost us all a little money.

    If our President makes a poor decision concerning National Security it might change the way we view life itself in these United States of America.

    One other consideration:
    Senator Obama says he is going to lower taxes on 95 % of tax payers AND HE’S RIGHT!!!!!

    By raising taxes on business owners for might force them to layoff many employees. Those employees taxes will be lowered to ZERO, but so will their earnings.

  2. Ted Says:


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