Joe the Plumber on Good Morning America


If I was Joe, I would have asked Diane how much she makes a year, and whether she wants to pay more in taxes.


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2 Responses to “Joe the Plumber on Good Morning America”

  1. Liberal Says:

    Joe can’t seem to pay his taxes as it is. no wonder he’s afraid of paying more.

    Why is Joe a deadbeat who expects to live in the greatest country on earth for free? I noticed joe had a new Durango. How come he can buy that and not pay a measly $1200 dollars in back taxes, instead allowing a lien to be slapped on his house? Joes seems like a lot of republicans I know who want the toys but don’t want to pay their real debts.

  2. Socialist Says:

    That’s cause welfare hating free loading conservatives doesn’t realize not paying taxes is a form of a welfare.

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