Obama’s Plan to Spread the Wealth


Despite the Obama campaign’s and media’s attempt to discredit ‘Joe the Plumber’, a fellow who simply asked Senator Obama a question at a campaign event, his question remains valid, and Obama’s response proves insightful. Obama’s $250,000 a year tax increase provides a barrier to success for the middle class, particularly for entrepreneurs and small business owners. For these people on the bubble there is a penalty for growth. Consequently, this puts the brakes on the growth of many small businesses, which are responsible for a large percentage of new jobs. Raising taxes in a struggling economy on any economic bracket is a terrible idea. Tax increases slow economic growth, and that hurts people across the board. If jobs dry up, it’s not the $250,000 plus crowd that will be hurt the most, it will be the middle class.

Senator Obama’s response to Joe is interesting. ‘Spreading the wealth’ is a principle of socialism. This combined with Senator Obama’s plan to reduce taxes for 95% of the people, when 30-40% of the people don’t pay federal income tax has all the hallmarks of a socialist policy. Senator Obama has never addressed whether people who don’t pay taxes would receive a government check. Either his numbers are off or he is creating a welfare class is his plan. Subsidizing low income is the perfect way of encouraging people not to achieve. Why work harder if the government will pay you not to. Why start a new business if the government will penalize you for your success. This is the perfect plan to deaden the economy; penalize success, reward mediocrity, and limit the growth of new/small businesses.

Obama’s Plan to Spread the Wealth


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5 Responses to “Obama’s Plan to Spread the Wealth”

  1. great white northerner Says:

    Allright you guys are going alittle too far with this, “Spreading the wealth’ is a principle of socialism.” Let’s just stop the fear mongering and cut through the old crap cake. Every pretty penney of taxes you and I pay is wealth that has been redistributed. Stop acting like the idea of rolling back George Bush’s unprecedented tax cuts and benifits are somehow comparible to communist Cuba, or even socialist countries like Sweden, Iceland, and Norway. All socialist countries listed, by the way, enjoy higher living stadards than the US according to the UN.


    If you apparently have a problem with “spreading the wealth” through the spending of tax dollars on various interests of your country, then why are you so supportive of funding for things like social security, health care, or millitary? Are you an enforcer of big government or are you out of touch with the medical needs of America? Are you a Socialist, or do you just not support the troops? This neo-macarthyism is something America needs to get over. Let’s not forget that the tax cuts and benifits the bush admin implimented for the top bracket of income earners were in fact, REDISTRIBUTIONS OF WEALTH. Why do we call it redistributing wealth when a person suggests reinstating taxes, but to give huge tax cuts and benifits, or in other words wealth, to the ultra rich is anything but??? Get real and accept the reality that all taxation is the redistribution of wealth.

  2. iseewhattheycando Says:

    I was shocked when i found out how much a president can spend only 700 billion both mccain and obama go over that. This shocked me so much that most of obamas plans just about 4 go over that most of his other issues will go down tring to figure which ones. Also i listen to many debates and is obama really serious of being president or not he laughs all the time at the issues just me but i think he is not even half way serious about the job. Mccain sounds like he will do something obama well they way he act he only wants to spend government money that can make things cheaper if there is more in there. This is how it work the more of we got from our country and other countrys the cheaper things will get but if we borrowed that money thing will get more expense. I do acully look at all these things.

  3. Howard Says:

    Obama’s first, second, and third priority is to get elected. If that means pandering to large numbers of people who want a free ride, he’ll be happy to throw them a few crumbs as a way to get their votes. He will also turn democracy and capitalism on it’s head, and villainize the affluent and successful in our society, in order to rally the masses behind him. With evangelical zeal Obama will convince his followers to replace reason with hope and belief … to blindly follow him … never challenge him … and embrace his words as gospel. In the real, and unforgiving world of economics however, when you immediately gratify everyone by feasting on the goose that lays the golden eggs, the economy looses it’s ability to continue generating growth and wealth. Obama is promising everyone a piece of the pie, whether they helped bake it, or not … but, only in a socialistic, or communist state do the non-contributors demand to share equally in the property that belongs to others. Immediate gratification, and getting something for nothing, is like a drug to the malcontents, but in the big picture, every farmer knows that you never eat your seed crop. If Obama gets elected, America will turn into a third world country, with massive government welfare programs, unable to generate jobs for it’s citizens, and unable to compete in the global markets. Keep America safe, free and strong … elect McCain/Palin on November 4th.

  4. Lance Says:

    At least he openly confesses his socialist plan, so nobody can say they didn’t know if he comes into power.

  5. Skyler James Says:

    I have deduced a disastrous result of Senator Obama’s economic plan, which no one seems to have explored in the media or via the Internet. It is as follows….

    1- Senator Obama purposes to raise taxes to those making yearly over $250.000 by 3%.

    The overlooked problem with his proposal, that unfortunately no one has dove into is, Family’s with Children.

    What if Family A – Who makes $250.000 yearly, has four small children and a
    $400.000 dollar mortgage.

    Compared to

    Family B – who makes $250.000 yearly, has no children and a $100.000 mortgage.

    Senator Obama’s plan is not factoring children who require school costs, larger living quarters, higher insurance’s, food, clothing, daycare and so forth. While those without children, a low mortgage and living in a smaller home, can possibly survive this plan a bit further.

    With this Spread the wealth plan, Senator Obama is jeopardizing more than small businesses. It is everything he is saying he will protect. Education, Insurance’s, Children and Home Mortgages.

    Will Senator Obama’s plan be different for a bachelor without any children at
    $250.000 yearly?

    Compared to

    A Family of 5 earning $250.000 yearly.

    It would take Trillions of dollars yearly to deduce how Senator Obama’s plan would differ from …

    A – A Business who’s owner was a self supportive Bachelor.


    B- A business who’s owner has children and more costs in which to raise them adequately.

    The main discussions of Senator Obama has been spreading the wealth to those less fortunate in their small businesses or endeavors. The term “Taking food from my children’s mouth.” Does seem to apply to his Spread the wealth proposal.

    The costs are astronomical when you have children. Being he has two children of his own, I am very surprised that this plan left out what I have entitled
    the “Family Clause .”

    If you are interested in contacting me with comments, please do so.


    My name is Skyler James and I am a student of Psychology, Music Teacher, Writer and Inventor.

    I am not a Democrat nor Republican. I am a proud American and concerned home owner.

    Please email me your thoughts.

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