Live events this week: Road to Victory Rallys


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2 Responses to “Live events this week: Road to Victory Rallys”

  1. Kellie Says:

    Hello USA. Please wake up! If Obama is elected the USA will no longer be an independent take charge county. Obama’s socialistic views can not and should not be allowed to be even attempted. I am the manager of a true small business. We do not gross or net $250,000.00 not do I expect to. I do not make $250,000.00 nor do I plan to. I also don’t expect the government to play Robin Hood and take from the rich and give to the poor. I am a hard working mother of 3 and yes it is hard to make ends meet, but I am working and being productive and yes working hard. That doesn’t mean that the those who have worked hard and succceded should have to bail me out. There are those who are just sitting at the bottom and not using what is already available to them to better themselves, so Obama is saying instead of making those people get out and help yourself we will just give you the money.

    I am from Indiana. Indiana History is the best place to look at past tried and failed socialistic societies. Please take a look at your History books. Look to the New Harmony towns. You will notice they lasted about 2 years and even the spin offs from these communties lasted about 2 years. Socialistic is not the way to go. It has never worked and will be a huge down fall and leave America fresh for the picking. You don’t think our neighbors to the south and east will be ready to step in and take over when Obama falls flat and we have nothing to back us because our Military will be naught. I am so fearful that a man who thinks its ok to murder little babies will be running this country. He won’t care about your loved ones. Wise up people! Obama is a smooth talker, with shady views and shady contacts. Look at his advisors and those in prominant positions in his campaign! Vote McCain/Palin and yes, God Bless America!

  2. Scott Weber Says:

    If you think he is going to be tested on terrorism, just think how he is going to be tested with the temptation to reduce his $250,000 wealth threshold, and increase the tax placed on even more of us.

    No doubt many among us have at times passed by some businesses and said “I’d love to own that!” Starting a franchisor, or buying a franchise, or perhaps many individual franchises is the path to success for many. And, Franchising, as and industry, encourages increased ownership by, and provides opportunities for minorities, veterans and women. So, one would think that Obama the Protector, who professes to support the middle class, would try to foster franchising, not cripple it? Unfortunately, Franchising appears the next casualty in his campaign of class warfare and institutionalized dependency.

    At their core, Franchised businesses build our nation’s employment base one person, one community at a time. So much so that the International Franchise Association’s new slogan is “Building local businesses one opportunity at a time.” According to the IFA, by 2001: there were 767,483 franchise business establishments in the US. They employed 10 million people and represented 56.3% in quick service restaurants, 18.2% in lodging, 14.2% in retail food, and 13.1% in table/full service restaurants. By all measures, those numbers have risen dramatically since 2001. Now, U.S. domestic franchising is hard at work building the American Dream, every day, one “Joe the Plumber” or “Joe the Franchisee” at a time. By recent reports Franchising alone represents approximately 50% of our retail market GDP. These local engines of opportunity are at risk under Barack Obama’s “tax and redistribute” economic revolution.

    Barack Obama’s vision of socialistic class warfare camouflaged as the “Ism” of “change” has the likely unintended consequence of transforming that vibrant well of local opportunity, into a stagnant pool of inaction, job loss and broken dreams. It may very well sap the optimism and incentive from each Joe the Franchisee needed for expansion, and thrust our retail and service economies into a tailspin of 1930’s era proportions.

    Barack may not have bad intentions, but through his lack of experience and naiveté, he just doesn’t get how franchising and entrepreneurship operates. Perhaps this is because he has never run a business or actually created jobs. Instead, the intellectual, academic Overseer Obama’s view of who should bear increased taxes (so that their wealth can be redistributed to each according to need) completely ignores franchising’s key strength: ambition From his Ivory Tower in Chicago, he seeks to gaze down on the small businesses across America to penalize and redistribute success, not encourage and reward it. One can almost envision him standing there with hidden anger and animosity thinking: How dare those non-Ivy League educated entrepreneurs seek to succeed beyond my anointed status. How dare they aspire to earn what we immortals, the elitist demand by virtue of our academic pedigree!

    Franchising, our nation’s great engine or entrepreneurship, is built on the principal of efficient multi-unit operations and investment, coupled with optimism for personal advancement. It affords for many the opportunity to reach financial goals well beyond the compensation they would earn from their trades abased or other non-academic training. To Barack, that financial success is not fair. To him, “excess” achievement must be “spread around” to others who may not have sought success, asked for the handout, or even deserved help. To Barack, Joe the Franchisee should not hope to succeed—too much, too often or too many times. And Barack gets to decide how much is too much. Barack gets to play economic almighty, but justifies his position that he’s only toying with a 5% who deserve our scorn. After all, its ok because he’s not coming after you, but them. Barack does not understand that franchises and jobs are not grown by spreading wealth, but by spreading opportunity.

    Barack’s focus is on a mythical 5% that to him is the fattened, capitalistic, golden goose. Everyone likes a feast, but that goose just does not exist. And, no goose stays fat if chased relentlessly. Granted, a large number of new retail and service franchises do generate less than $250,000 per year in gross income. But, the current trend in franchising is to encourage multi-unit franchisees. After all, once Joe the Franchisee has successfully developed and operated one businesses, Joe is often better skilled and more willing to repeat the process. And, when Joe the Franchisee feels optimistic enough to open that second (or perhaps 10th) franchised business, Joe usually does this under a separate entity. When combined, it is usually the case that the aggregate gross income of each multi unit operation will exceed the $250,000 threshold.

    What does this mean under Barack’s plan? It means that successful multi-unit growth is penalized by increased taxation and wealth redistribution. (This fear of slower growth was much the buzz at the recent American Bar Association Franchise Law Forum.) Barack’s misguided notion of social equality by taxation creates a systematic disincentive for the very repetitive and efficient growth necessary for most franchise systems to prosper. Simply put, Citizen Barack wants everyone to “Drink the Kool Aid” and swallow his lie that only 5% of businesses will face higher tax. Based on the fundamental structure of franchising, that 5% figure is just not true. And even if true, sweetens over the bitter truth that the 5% can’t stay at 5% for very long.

    Barack’s plan to redistribute wealth also ignores the fact that it is the larger, higher grossing franchise concepts that so often create the most jobs and provide opportunity in communities that need help the most. Buried in his rhetoric about how few businesses make less than $250,000 per year is the fact the individual “small businesses” that make less include huge numbers of independent contractor arrangements. So, many of these independent contractors, but for legal structure and a few operational issues, could otherwise be an individual employee of another business. These smaller one-man or one-woman independent contractors are often consultants and service providers. While critically important, they are not as much the engines for job creation for individuals other than themselves. Often they also do not need to build a location–where construction jobs, manufacturing and related jobs and industries are benefited. Likewise, if these small operators begin to grow to need additional employees, Barack’s tax plan encourages more single unit operators—all to keep under the $250,000 wealth threshold. The result, less efficiency and more fragmentation.

    Now let’s look at Joe the Franchisee/Plumber. Barack ridiculed “Joe” questioning what kind of plumber makes over $250,000. By doing that, Barack mocked the fundamental basis of entrepreneurship and franchising: to use investment and hard work to grow one’s business beyond the wages of one individual’s labors. As Joe the Franchisee implements optimism into action, Joe may purchase a plumbing or another retail product or service franchise. He aspires to achieve beyond his own salary or daily wages. By mocking that aspiration, Barack mocks capitalism. But apparently when you make millions writing books without substance, you feels it is ok to limit the average Joe to his daily wages, and nothing more. Apparently, if you go to Harvard Law school and have the prospect of a $250,000 salary, you’re ok. But if you grow a business and employ others on the way to that $250,000, you get mocked.

    Back to Joe’s expansion plans. Joe’s can’t make $250,000 just on his own labor. But Joe wants more for his family. Joe wants to buy a franchise and create jobs. Maybe he wants to make it a family business, and work side by side with his wife, daughter or son. Joe’s “big” franchise, one of the socially evil 5%, may require a headquarters and/or retail showroom, the purchase of new vans, trucks and business equipment. Joe’s franchise agreement may require that in order to provide quality service, Joe may be required to hire sufficient employees. And, since the franchisor undoubtedly will be watching Joes’ performance, he will be required to maintain good books and records, and pay his taxes. As an incentive to grow, Joe may obtain the right to operate multiple plumbing franchises in his area if he is successful with the first. If successful, Joe’s franchise may contribute to local charities, employ the disadvantaged, afford to hire returning veterans, and be a valuable member of the local business community. Shouldn’t we want more like this Joe?

    This Joe the Franchisee is one of very instruments of job creation that makes America great. But it is this Joe the Franchisee who, in Barack’s world view, should aspire to social correctness and mediocrity, not advancement. Under Barack’s plan, the more successful Joe is at his franchise, the greater tax penalty Joe faces. That alone, may discourage that sub $250,000 Joe from additional expansion. Add an unbridled Democratic Congress and Executive Branch, there will be no checks or balances to second guess the big spending socialistic taxing policies, increased unionization policies, excessive environmental regulation, and mandatory government run health care that are promised to the Pelosi-Obama “change at all costs” coalition.

    Under Obama/Pelosi, taxes won’t be Joe’s only problem. Joe will have greater difficulty with environmental protection hurdles he will face along Joe’s path to success. New energy projects will be tied up for years by mandatory environmental review, debate and leftist opposition. With less drilling, clean coal and nuclear power, and a weakened foreign policy, Joe and all Americans will pay higher energy and commodities costs. Joe will also face non-secret ballot voting and eased unionization rules. No more will his employees be afforded the democratic right of a secret vote and freedom from retaliation by union thugs. Joe’s legal bills and employment expenses may skyrocket from a collective bargaining agreement imposed unwillingly on his non-union employees. His workforce moral will suffer as those non-union supporters will be publicly “outed” by union personnel publicly checking the names and votes. Then, Joe will have to add mandatory government controlled health care expenses to increased taxes when looking at his costs to operate.

    As a result, Joe will be forced to increase his prices his customers pay. Joe’s customer’s will be hurt here too. If Joe’s price increases can’t keep pace, Joe will have to question whether is worth it to expand beyond Barack’s new threshold for suppression of “unfair” economic advancement.

    But more than being misleading, Barack’s saccharine tonic of class warfare and wealth redistribution is actually the bitter drink that, like most addictions, will sap the optimism from the very persons we need to be self driven to expand opportunities. That loss of optimism will cause a precipitous fall to the tax base that Barack so eagerly wishes to redistribute. Facing the inhospitable environment created by the Dear Leader Obama, Joe will delay, or inhibit his expansion plans. Joe may also move his operations to more hospital political and economic climates. Overall, Joe the Franchisee will borrow less, expand less and create less jobs. Fewer new businesses like Joe’s will move into markets needing job opportunities, helping to dampen real estate values. Fewer jobs will mean fewer people making timely mortgage payments, or buying new homes. Less residential expansion, means, yes, few new franchised businesses sprouting economic opportunity in new communities. Joe may never open a second location. When that happens, less persons making over $250,000 are created. And of those who are, the Savvy Joes’s will task their attorneys and business advisors to aid with keeping them under the wealth threshold. Barack’s golden, imperialist 5% tax base (goose) will shrink from the excessive burden. This, coupled with less jobs will cause—you guessed it, Barack the Compassionate to alleviate the burdens of the worthy classes by increasing welfare state spending. All to impose greater fairness at the expense of ambition. The simple math of that inevitable equation means that Barack The Spender will be forced to drop that $250,000 threshold, again and again, and again. Given Barack the Politician’s propensity to change or “redefine” his promises, none of us can assume Barack does not already foresee his wealth threshold being lowered early in his term. As he lowers it, his new brand of socialism will start to look a lot more like the communism old.

    By Scott Weber

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