MUST READ: Kirstin Powers on Biden’s Bungles


Kirstin Powers nails the mainstream media to the wall with a sharply worded column in the New York Post.  Powers’ chronicles several high-profile, but apparently un-newsworthy, gaffes by Obama’s running mate.  

Bias?  Double-standards? From the MSM? Say it ain’t so!

UPDATE: via the Politico, “Study: McCain Coverage Mostly Negative.” And these people call themselves journalists.


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One Response to “MUST READ: Kirstin Powers on Biden’s Bungles”

  1. Lisa W. Says:

    So Joe Biden, Vice Presidential Candidate, who may very well be just one fragile heartbeat away from being President of the United States, says something stupid (and dangerous)…AGAIN! The Woah-Bama kool-aid drinkers are so blinded by the promise of “change” – which is just a bold-faced lie – that they are not seeing the forrest for the trees!! BHO will sit down with our enemies (you know, the ones who want us DEAD) – without preconditions – and then Just Call Me Joe will softshoe into the room and ask if they’d like to test the mettle of the fresh faced young President!

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