NEW AD: I am Joe


UPDATE: GOP tech consultant, and former RNC e-campaign director Patrick Ruffini agrees this is the best ad of the campaign.  Now, the only question is this: when will we see it run on TV?


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3 Responses to “NEW AD: I am Joe”

  1. 12secRads Says:

    Great ad!!! I’m trying to get people to do the same thing. Regular Americans expressing why they are supporting and/or voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin in 12 seconds. Details of project can be seen here: The 12secRads channel can be seen through the site here: Be the next “I’m Joe the Plumber…” and send in your 12 seconds ad now. Less than two weeks till the campaign and undecided voters would like to hear from regular Americans like you, why you are supporting John McCain and Sarah Palin.

  2. oxypolitis Says:

    Excellent post… See more details at Atlas Shrugs.

    or my site.

  3. Cyndi Anderson Says:

    Please send this ad to Sean Hannity as I know Fox News will air it often and daily!!!!!Thanks for your support, great ad about great candidates and its never to late to show it NOW!Cyndi Anderson

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