Don’t Tax Me Bro”


Bill Smith, Editor: Like most Americans, I identify with Joe the Plumber who wants to work, invest, own and seek the American dream of being successful. But, we are faced with a government that wants to tax our success for working hard to support others who have settled for less – government handouts – and thus live off the labors of “us.” I’m not talking about those who can’t work or are temporarily down on their luck through no fault of their own. But I am tired of government people, like Sen. Barack Obama, who want to to take my money and then redistribute (give) my money to those who can work to provide for themselves and those under their care. I especially don’t like their giving my money to those who made past mistakes, made poor decisions or are just plain are lazy and now want to avoid the consequences of their actions, laziness, mistakes or poor decisions. Also, have you noted that while taxing “us” for working, the government keeps their “operational cut” which tends to grow over time. I join Joe the Plumber is saying Don’t tax me for working hard or for having worked hard to save for my family’s future!


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