Valerie Jarrett Says Obama Ready to ‘Rule’


Eh, “rule”?  Is this woman serious, or did she just make an innocent slip?  I guess we now get to find out in January…h/t Newsbusters.

UPDATE: A reader emails us this link to CNN Political Ticker.  Obama has apparently anointed Ms. Jarrett as his replacement in the U.S. Senate.  As far as we can tell (from a brief search of her background and credentials) Ms. Jarrett has no experience in elective office.

UPDATE II: Marathon Pundit wrote about Valerie Jarrett shortly after the election.


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2 Responses to “Valerie Jarrett Says Obama Ready to ‘Rule’”

  1. George Says:

    Just more “Bad Black English”. She is a real piece of glib, over-promoted and underqualified work. Get ready for more and the Obamanation begins . . .

  2. T. Stephenson Says:

    Dear Blogs4McCain,
    Please tell your ‘prodigy’ that he should have and, should still,— defend Sara Palin. He owes her that!
    Without Sara Palin, he would not have gotten the votes that he did!

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